Xstatic Batcap

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  • XStatic Batcap X 2000
    12 volts........ 6 ½ “x 7” x 6” Weight ........ 34 lbs. This will make for easier installation and less expense.  The Model 2000 will provide the energy to generate more SPL than any other battery  weighing 75 lbs or less, other than our own brand. The Batcap 2000 is a 50 amp-hour, ..
    Rp. 6,800,000.00
  • XStatic Batcap X 300
    The BATCAP Model 300 is designed for those enthusiasts who are looking for a performer.  This model is known for it's ability to out perform even under the toughest conditions. Weighing in at a mere 2.5 lbs., and able to provide an impressive 300 peak amps for 5 sec, the Model 300 will easil..
    Rp. 3,900,000.00
  • XStatic Batcap X 3000
    Dimensions H8.5 X W6.8 X L12 Weight 66 lbs. For those big jobs you may need our 90Ah Model 3000. The Xstatic Corporation lets the “Big Dog” off the chain! Unleashing our New Model 3000! Weighing in at 66 pounds this bad boy’s 693 cu in. case is bursting with 60% more energy! He’s ready to be ..
    Rp. 9,900,000.00
  • XStatic Batcap X 400
    The Model 400 definitely gives you more bang for the buck! This heavy hitter gives you a whopping 400 peak amps for 8 seconds! More than enough juice for even the most demanding situations. Weighing in at only 5 pounds, it opens up endless opportunities for installations and applications alike..
    Rp. 5,800,000.00
  • XStatic Batcap X 4000
    Less than 800 cubic inches Dimensions: H 8 5/8" X W 6 3/4" X L 13" Weight: 75.5 lbs. Xstatic Corporation has made improvements to the Model 4000 Batcap. It is now 15% stronger. Now 115 amp hour. Also featuring Dual Handles for easier installation and Large heavy duty terminals! ..
    Rp. 12,400,000.00
  • XStatic Batcap X 8400
    Meet the big daddy!  The Model 8400 delivers an unbelievable 8400 amps! The Model 8400 has been totally redesigned and improved,  delivering more power with less weight, and falls into the category of 800 cubic inches or less.  The Batcap 8400 is used in some of the world’s loudest..
    Rp. 55,300,000.00